Tuesday, April 27, 2010



The breeze is warm, windblown hair sweeps across my face. White billowy clouds fill the sky. Baby clutched in hand, I sit and watch 2 little boys roam through grass and bushes in eager anticipation to "clip" all of the weeds. I sit back and breathe. I breathe deep. All is quiet around me except the sound of trees being gently tossed in the wind. The boys are quiet and intent, keenly pursuing weeds that do not belong.

I am here. I am present. This is what life is all about. Being still and ever present in a world where pressures mound, chaos lurks, and tempers wait to erupt.
I breathe deeply, pondering the simplicity of these moments. I sit, marveling at the transparency of God's artistic hand. I am consumed in my introspection when I hear "mamma"!....I look up and answer "Whats up buddy"?.........I love you. I am impelled to pursue a life of simplicity amidst a world of hurried to do's.

The white billowy clouds turn gray. As our day draws to an end, we gather around a window and watch the storm clouds sweep across the sky. The rain pours. We watch in amazement as a spring thunderstorm unfolds.

I reflect on the week past and the week to come. I have been stripped of "all that matters". I have experienced freedom in simplicity. As I brave the storm that lies ahead....I will remember to breathe the oxygen of these simple moments.

Be still and know that I am God.
Psalms 46:10


Deb said...

Lindsey~I'm so thankful to have found your blog :)praying for you and your family today~
Deb Stevens

Anonymous said...

This made me cry, there are so many times that I let life keep me too busy and do not remember the true meaning. Thank you for sharing your picturesque awareness. - Stephanie Rosenstone

pelfrey said...

Love your blog...how sweet it is to take in all the wonders of God!! Simplicity of Life is what God wants for us. No distractions, but just to see Him and pursue HIM first everyday. We love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words...that I needed to hear today! Love you and praying for ya'll!
Erica Sirrine

Nevada said...

Beautifully written, thank you for sharing. Thinking and praying for you and your family. Blessed be,
Jay & Nevada